"I dream of painting and
then I paint my dream."

- Van Gogh

Art is what, I feel, has been reposing deep into my heart since the very dawn of my life. I have been splashing thoughts with shades and water color as it has been the way I express my imagination. I paint under the spell of feelings and wisdom and my paper speak out the words of my heart.

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“I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”
– Pablo Picasso

My Water color painting is an endeavor to surrogate the inventions of the intelligence with a pristine creative conception. I usually paint more when I don’t do painting. I do it in my heart, in my mind! And then it’s like letting my soul spread itself across the paper.
www.shibubiswas.com depicts all about who I am through my creations of water colour paintings. Well, let me give my brief introduction here. My name is Shibu Biswas, I graduated from ?Government College of Art & Craft (Kolkata)? and working as a professional artist several years. I am proud of calling myself a Kolkata artist, the city of joy. Kolkata, has always been an admirer of cultural. I feel this to be a blessing for me being a Kolkata artist and I have taken an oath to always give my best to carry on the mantle of legacy of the Indian, and specially Kolkata artists.

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